Build a New Home To Your Budget

So, you have been searching for your dream home and have finally made the decision that you wish to build it from a self build house kits… but how do you know whether you have taken into account every last detail? Buying or building a house is one of the most important purchases you will make, and buying/building a home for the first time will be an even more daunting prospect. In this article, we shall be outlining eight ways to determine if it is really your dream property, and most importantly within your budget, by carrying out a number of inquiries that are often overlooked by many buyers.

Determine Your Home/Work Life Priorities

Undertake some initial research to understand the demographics, local amenities, and issues in the area. There are many online resources that will provide in-depth information about significant local statistics; including typical age brackets, crime statistics as well as political representatives. It is an excellent idea to also do some research offline. Chat with the neighbours prior to moving in as they will know better than anybody the advantages and draw backs of living in the area. Enquire about the efficiency of the community council and maybe dig a little deeper to find out which neighbours dog barks all night etc. Spend some time finding out about your would-be neighbours as it is very important that everybody resides in peace; plus after all, they are the ones who you will be living close to for years.

The priorities most often cited in terms of the geographical location of a dwelling are being in town, close to friends and family or close to the workplace. However, it should be noted that these criteria can significantly increase the cost of a new home compared to a house located just outside the city or in a neighbouring town that is ideal for you. If you can apply this first point of advice, it is likely that you will save a few thousand or even tens of thousands of pounds on the overall cost of the construction of your home.

Build a New Home To Your Budget - Self Build House Kits

Build Compact.

We are not talking about the size of your home, but the effectiveness of the construction. The objective is indeed to find an ideal relationship between space where one lives, and the “lost area” (i.e. the exterior walls, floor, roof, etc.). It is, therefore, essential in this regard to structure your house intelligently and consider, for example, orientating your main living area on the south side and your storage space on the north side.

A cube-shaped building that utilises a spiral staircase instead of a straight staircase are examples of compact building features. Opting for a compact-construction self build house kits will not only lower the price of your construction project but will also have a positive impact on your energy bill thanks to a lower U Value. An in-house garage occupies a considerable living space, which undermines the principle of the compact construction. Choosing for a garage outside your home, or opting for a carport rather than a brick garage, will save you extra costs of incorporating this space into your home.


Stable Foundations

Considering the structure and stability of the ground is imperative. If it is unstable, the costs may be high. Although we take responsibility for many of the tasks involved in building a prefabricated home, there are specific areas that require your input in regards to the foundations; specifically, organising a topographical survey of the site and carry out a site investigation to determine underground conditions and having the foundation designed by a Structural Engineer. We recommend Technopor Foundations: Building on Glass – Perfect for Self Build House Packages.

Build a New Home To Your Budget - Self Build House Kits

Choose High-Quality Equipment and Features

A simple piece of advice that will allow you to realize substantial savings, without having to make too many concessions in terms of quality or personal preferences is choosing features that offer the best value for money.

For example:

  • Windows and Doors: Triple Glazed in PVC/aluminium and pre-fitted into your wall panels for extra thermal efficiency.
  • Plumbing: Internal and external pipework and guttering (with turn key finish).
  • Heating: Heating and flat-panel radiators or as an option: combi-boilers, under floor heating, geothermal pumps or solar panels (with turnkey homes finish).
  • Ventilation: Heat recovery ventilation systems keep heat in and pollution out. (Optional Extra)
  • Render: Thermal render system; choose from a range of colours.
  • Outdoors: Conservatories, balconies, carports, terraces. (Optional Extra)
  • Stairs: Timber staircase and balustrades in a range of styles (with turn key finish).
  • Finishes: Skirting, surrounds, and details (with turn key finish).
  • Flooring: A range of carpets (standard) or wood, parquet, laminate or tiles (with turn key finish).
  • Sanitary-ware: Bathroom sinks, taps, showers, baths and WCs, standard or bespoke (with turn key finish).
  • Ironmongery: Door handles, drawer handles and pulls (with turn key finish).
  • Tiles: Wall, floor and roof tiles in a range of colours and styles (with turn key finish).
  • Decoration: Internal or external paintwork (with turnkey homes finish).

View our Portfolio of completed UK Turnkey Houses, constructed with exceptional materials and workmanship; from first class tradesmen and contractors.


Build With The Future In Mind

We are thinking here mainly about techniques to reduce your energy bill. First of all, make sure that your home is well insulated, paying particular attention to your roof and walls. Combine these efforts with solar panels and energy efficient appliances, such as a heat pump or a solar water heater.

Be careful not to “over-invest.” Calculate in advance what efforts will be needed, in addition to your self build house kits structure, to reduce your energy consumption as efficiently as possible.


Get Your Hands Dirty

If you can free up some time and have some handyman skills, why not do some work yourself? New Build Group UK turnkey houses come fitted as standard; however, this does not include kitchen units and appliances; because we believe kitchens are a very personal choice and best selected by you from your own supplier.


Fortunately, there are a lot of premiums you can claim when you build a new home utilising self build house kits. You can consult them online or contact your council for more information.


Opt for Turnkey Construction

The “turnkey” concept is where a single construction company handles the A-Z of the development process. To hire such a company is to build a complete home without worries.

Another advantage of door-to-door construction is that building times are considerably shorter because it is not necessary to contact a different contractor for each job each time.


New Build Group – Self Build House Kits Building Contractor

Looking to build a new home without exceeding your budget? New Build Group Turnkey Home construction company will be your ideal partner!

We always take into account your preferences, budget and use the most modern building techniques; with particular attention to the eight tips that we have just given you.  Whatever house you want to build with our self build house kits, we are listening to your preferences.

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