New Homes ‘Injection’ Reaches Decade Peak

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One thing that you’ll know if you’re looking to buy a new house is that demand often outstrips supply, leaving you fighting over a few properties with a whole load of other potential buyers looking to get up the next step on the housing ladder.

Scotland Unveils £4 Million ‘Self-Build’ Fund

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There are clear reasons that governments want to encourage self build homes throughout the UK – they add to the housing stock, rather than relying on a stock than is already not meeting demand. It’s a small gesture on the account of the house-builder, but, as they say, every little helps.

Top 5 News Articles from 2016 on System Built Buildings

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Growth in the Turnkey Houses Sector In 2016, modular construction demonstrated many of its advantages from the completion of numerous technologically advanced and industry awarded projects. From China to the United Kingdom, to the United States and Japan, the following 5 projects are proof of some of these qualities. Through various innovations and decisions, they