How Self Building Could Save You Money

You’d be forgiven for thinking that building your own home would be an expensive undertaking, but you could find that you are able to save money by going down the self-build route rather than buying a new property.

In a recent article for the Norwich Evening News, Ron Beattie, of Beattie Passive, explained that self building can be a more viable option than people think.

One of the mistakes people make, he said, is thinking that self build houses in the UK have to be large. However, they can be a much more modest size than many people think, which means they can become a more affordable proposition.

What’s more, opting for an energy-efficient prefabricated home can also mean you’re saving money once you move into your new home, due to lower energy costs.

More people could find they’re able to self build in the coming years, with a growing number of council-led projects taking shape.

Earlier this month, Development Finance Today reported that London mayor Sadiq Khan had awarded £1 million to the Rural Urban Synthesis Society (RUSS). The community land trust in Lewisham is working on a development of 33 new homes, all of which will involve an element of self building.

Residents, RUSS members, apprentices and volunteers from the local community can all get involved in the project.

Mr Khan stated his support for community-led housing schemes, commenting: “Community-led housing puts residents at the heart of the process, giving them a voice and the chance to contribute to designing their community.”

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