The Growing Success of The System Built House

The industry of modular construction and system built houses is flourishing throughout Europe, and for good reason. Modern manufacturing technologies have significantly improved the aesthetic and functional appearance of turnkey homes and buildings built by this construction process. It is evident that modular construction is now seriously competing with traditional architecture thanks to developments in technology and the numerous advantages it offers.

Modular Construction: Definition and Benefits

Modular construction is the construction of prefabricated buildings that have been manufactured and equipped in a workshop or factory. Unlike traditional architectural processes, the various elements that make up a modular construction are not built on the site of the building.

The various elements that make up the structure are then transported to the construction site, or land of the owner, where they are placed on a pre-existing foundation and assembled following a clear design plan.

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Advantages Modular Turnkey Homes

Modular construction offers various advantages over the design of a traditional house. The most important assets of system built turnkey homes are:

  • A greater control of the work site and of the manufacturing timeframe: Since the elements of the building are manufactured in a factory environment, there is no need for craftsmen to be present on-site until the scheduled assembly period.
  • High-quality elements designed to client specifications/requirements: Prefabricated modules are mass produced by skilled craftsmen to exacting standards of quality defined by the modular construction industry. The range of materials on offer also means that the client can choose exactly what fits their requirements.
  • System built buildings are environmentally friendly: The vast majority of turnkey homes are made from recycled materials and conform to strict thermal regulations.

As long as the transportation of assembled units is possible (i.e. elements conform with the width of roads and possible passage under bridges) and the site of installation is easily accessible, their advantages are numerous.


The Growing Success of The System Built House

Demand for system built houses is growing exponentially. The factors which explain this trend in the housing sector include the speed of construction and the financial savings generated by the modular system.

The construction of a modular house is at first much faster than that of a conventional house. Delivery times do not exceed two to three months on average, while the building site needed to build a traditional house will last for many months or even several years. The choice of the system built turnkey house is thus perfectly in keeping with the ideas in modern society of saving time and space.

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Design and respect for the environment

The growing success of the prefabricated house can also be explained by the aesthetic improvements made to the various modular units. Long associated with this type of construction, and in the imagination of the general public, is the image of old containers of boats. However, the architectural capacities offered by modern production processes have significantly improved the design and overall finish of turnkey homes.

Today, it is possible to design a modular home according to your wishes and requirements. The possibilities of personalised designs are numerous and varied, to the point that it often becomes very difficult to differentiate a modular house from a traditionally built home.


Another undeniable advantage of modular construction is the lower costs. Thanks to a higher insulation compared to the traditional frame, it is possible to save on electricity bills. Some system built houses also have a water recovery system; such as the new eco-house built by the famous designer Philippe Starck.

In general, the high technology used by modular construction methods reduces the cost of designing homes and restricts their energy consumption.

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