Top 5 News Articles from 2016 on System Built Buildings

Growth in the Turnkey Houses Sector

In 2016, modular construction demonstrated many of its advantages from the completion of numerous technologically advanced and industry awarded projects. From China to the United Kingdom, to the United States and Japan, the following 5 projects are proof of some of these qualities. Through various innovations and decisions, they reflect the ability of system built buildings and turnkey houses to fit into any type of project and respond to it advantageously; in terms of speed, economy, personalisation and ecology.

Photo of a Muji prototype turnkey houses project

Muji Prototype

Muji is currently in a phase of expansion and is rapidly becoming one of Japan’s coolest cultural exporters. This is an important news item in the modular construction sector as the distributor unveiled in August a prototype house in Kamakura, Japan. It plans to test the building by organising a contest which the winner will live for free for two years in the prototype.

Like another large corporation that began selling homes nearly a century ago (Sears and its Modern Homes catalogue), Muji is ready to start the experience this summer. An indicator of growing interest for residential system built turnkey houses. Japan is the largest prefabricated housing market in the world: will the preference for modular buildings be exported beyond the borders of the country through the efforts of the Muji brand?

Photo of a turnkey houses project in Manchester

Innovative Modular Apartments in Manchester

The architects of the firm ShedKM have teamed up with Urban Splash to build an urban house project known as “the HoUSe”. The inhabitants reflected on the configuration of their house before it left the factory. The 43 houses arrived almost assembled, only the walls of separation were added on the spot.

According to Dezeen, the project aimed to combine the advantages of modular housing in terms of construction costs with the flexibility of architect-designed houses.

The HoUSe provided an opportunity for developers to consider the possibilities of modular turnkey houses from a new angle. The project was one of the first to combine in this way factory manufacture with individual customisation. This also created a unique aesthetic structure during the process.

Photo of high rise building - UK Gov response to housing shortage: system built turnkey houses

British Gov: 100,000 System Built Housing Plan

In response to the housing crisis in the UK, Teresa May announced a target of one million new housing units by 2020. In October, ministers revealed that more than 100,000 will be made in prefabricated construction.

“The first, most obvious advantage is the reduction in the construction time of the dwellings,” a government source told The Sunday Telegraph. “There is no longer any proof that if the dwellings are produced on a larger scale, their price is reduced.”

The initiative would thus be the largest wave of system built houses in the UK since the post-war construction boom. The momentum initiated by the government will transform the way consumers and developers see prefabrication.


China Targets 30% System Built

The Chinese Ministry of Housing and Urban and Rural Construction has set an ambitious target: by 2026, 30% of new buildings will be system built. This is to save energy, improve safety and absorb the excess capacity of the metallurgical industry.

“Compared to traditional methods using in-situ concrete, prefabricated constructions can help reduce waste, dust and noise,” says the State Council’s website. The ministry’s chief engineer adds, “Prefabricates use only 85 percent of the cement, water and wood involved in traditional construction methods. “

Photo of Chinese turnkey houses project

China is the largest construction market in the world, so the consequences of such a decision will be enormous. It’s system built construction industry is the world’s leading provider of modular turnkey houses. Gigantic research and development efforts will change the face of the real estate industry worldwide.

Stricter supervision of manufacturing processes will increase overall quality. In addition, the large number of new projects will provide researchers and designers with unprecedented experience and opportunity for case studies.


The Tallest System Built Building in the US

The biggest saga related to the system built buildings of the world is finally over. The 461 Dean, in Brooklyn New York, often presented (wrongly) as the tallest modular building in the world, began offering apartments for rent after half a decade of delays and lawsuits. With the hurdles now in place, the Forest City Ratner Group inaugurated America’s first modular skyscraper in December, with 32 floors.

Tallest system built building in the world - New Build Group Turnkey Houses blog article

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